Get ready to brush up on your Game of Thrones references, because “winter IS coming”.

And when we say winter, we mean full-on, white walker, freeze your mitts off winter.

In fact, some are suggesting there could be a mini ice age on the way!

According to meteorologist and renowned sun-watcher Paul Dorian, the sun has shown up blank, aka it’s missing the angry solar-flares and blemishes across it’s surface, twice this month.

“The blank sun is a sign that the next solar minimum is approaching and there will be an increasing number of spotless days over the next few years,” he revealed in his latest report.


“At first, the blankness will stretch for just a few days at a time, then it’ll continue for weeks at a time, and finally it should last for months at a time when the sunspot cycle reaches its nadir.

“The next solar minimum phase is expected to take place around 2019 or 2020.”

If you’re wondering what it has to do with an ice age, let us fill in the blanks.

According to, some experts believe the blankness experienced could lead to a ‘Maunder Minimum’ – aka a Little Ice Age.

When a 70 year Maunder Minimum occurred in 1645, things got that cold the Thames in London froze over.

So if you’re complaining about the cold now, you’ve been warned…


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