For years, everyone has seemed to know that Waylon Smithers is gay – except for Waylon Smithers.

However, word is that he is FINALLY set to come out out of the closet, after 27 years inside.

In a landmark episode, ’The Burns Cage’, Smithers’ long-running secret was revealed after Homer overheard him singing a passionate ode to his unrequited crush, Mr Burns.

Homer then used gay app Grindr to help Smithers find a partner.

He invited him over to a singles party at his house, where openly gay Star Trek actor George Takei is one potential suitor.

There, Smithers met his first real boyfriend, Latino bartender Julio, who has made numerous appearances in the show over the years.


Since The Simpsons began in 1989, many hints about Smithers sexuality have been dropped – and he even famously stole a kiss with Mr Burns in a 1997 episode.

However, this episode is the first time he has acknowledged it to another character.

Apparently, the episode was meant as a loving gesture from one Simpsons writer to his own gay son.

Source: The Sun

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