Following the passing of music legend David Bowie in January, a host of previously unreleased songs and video’s have been released in tribute.

This has to be one of the most exciting as it shows Bowie paying tribute to his late friend John Lennon on the third anniversary of his death.

Bowie was in the middle of a world tour in Hong Kong when he spoke to the audience about holidaying there with Lennon in the early 70’s before launching into an emotional version of Imagine.

Bowie’s back up singer George Simms told The Voyeur:  

“If I remember well, we didn’t rehearse that song. The night David did the ‘Imagine’ song, none of us in the band had any idea how that song was going to come off. David told us before, at a certain point, he would cue the band to start the song instrumentally.

We didn’t know what he was going to do in the beginning but he had it very carefully worked out with the lighting people. We were on stage and it was dark. David was sitting on the stage at one particular place and, all of a sudden, a single spotlight went on David and hit him exactly where he was sitting.

It was the third anniversary of Lennon’s death; it was December 8. After we did “Imagine,” we all went off the stage and back into the holding area. Normally we’d be slap-happy, talking and laughing, but that night there was absolute silence because of all the emotion of doing a tribute to John Lennon—especially knowing that David was a friend of his and that David was speaking from his heart.


We didn’t know how dramatic the lights’ impact was going to be. Nobody wanted to break the silence; it was like a sledgehammer into your chest. I’ll never forget that.”

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