Back in 2015 an incredible 1000 musicians got together to perform the Foo Fighters song ‘Learn To Fly’ to try and get the band’s attention in the hope of having them play a gig at their hometown in Cesena, Italy.

The stunt paid off with Dave Grohl taking his band to play their later that year, and now the organisers behind that event have staged a full concert that is beyond epic!

Calling themselves Rockin 1000 the group consists of hundreds of drummers, guitarists, singers and more and they’ve just released a video of them performing David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’ live to a stadium full of concert goers at a gig they billed as ‘That’s Live’

Watch as they turn Bowie’s legendary 1974 hit into an anthem of major proportions!

Also check out their amazing version of ‘Learn To Fly’ which has had over 32 million views!