Less than 24 hours after leaving the jungle, Shane Warne is already on a rampage after his charity was questioned on The Project last night.

After a day of media commitments, the I’m A Celebrity star, joined the Channel Ten show.

While things started off well, when host Waleed Aly questioned the cricketer’s charity – the Shane Warne Foundation, which is being audited for fund mismanagement, things quickly went downhill.

Responding he’d been in “Guantanamo Bay” in isolation for the past six weeks, Warnie was quick to defend the charity.

“It’s really disappointing that people want to come after some good people that have raised a lot of money and made a serious difference to seriously ill and underprivileged children,” he said.

“So, you can all get stuffed if you want to have a go at us for it, but we’re very, very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve.”

Shane Warne

We chat to Shane Warne about spiders, his relationship with Carmen Electra & his charity #ImACelebrityAU #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Thursday, March 10, 2016


When Aly questioned the auditors getting “stuffed”, Warnie flared up.

“You’re doubting me mate, you think we’ve got something to hide?”

While Aly denied it, it seems Warnie wasn’t convinced taking to Twitter with a message that seems very much directed towards The Project host.

Well it seems the jungle didn’t tame this beast!

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