A viral post last week of a mum who looks just like her daughters has shared the secret beauty tip she says has helped her complexion to stay as young as her daughters. 

What is this secret to her flawless complexion? Is it soaking in goats milk? Maybe its a secret smoothie ingredient. 

Well it’s much simpler than that, lets take a look at what the deal is… 

A selfie of Ms. Brown and her daughters went viral last week when no one could work out which one of these beautiful ladies was the mom. We can see why it might be difficult to get this answer right.

Spoiler alert: Mum is the one on the left. 

Ms Brown told People “It’s good to wash your face most of the time with plain water, I also exfoliate once a week, but I do think the water helps.”


So there it is… the miracle elixir to eternal youth! Water to hydrate for youthful looking complexions.