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Just a day after the manager of INXS, Chris Murphy, shot down reports that five previously unreleased tracks from the band are set to be released, it’s been revealed that up to 15 tracks recorded by Hutchence in the weeks before his death are to be included on a new album.

Speaking to Channel 7’s The Morning Show, Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford revealed that an album will be released in November featuring the five tracks that are already fully produced as well as a further ten songs that require remixing before being included.

However, the band’s long term manager Chris “CM” Murphy says he has “no idea” about the reported release and threatened legal action to anyone interfering with the band’s copyright.

“I do know every single individual and or company who interfere with INXS / Michael copyrights are about to find themselves in very deep legal trouble,” he continued.

INXS retired in 2012 having performed with several different frontmen following Hutchence’s death in 1997.


Two years’ later, the Seven Network miniseries Never Tear Us Apart sparked renewed interest in their music.

By the end of 2014, their 2011 greatest hits album, The Very Best, was the biggest selling album in Australia of the year, staying at the No 1 spot for seven weeks.

Hutchence had a solo album released posthumously in 1999 as well as recording with side project Max Q in 1989.

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