Fifteen unreleased songs recorded by the late INXS singer Michael Hutchence have been assembled into an album and its first track should be out late this year. The team releasing it also promises a documentary film about Hutchence’s later years that will be out to coincide with the 20th anniversary of his death, in November 2017.

Australian recording studio owner Ron Creevey claims to own the rights to both the songs and the documentary footage. He’s been working with L.A.-based music producer Danny Saber, who played a major role in the making of the self-titled Hutchence solo album that was released posthumously in 1999. Creevey promises a pair of duets with “big” artists among the new album’s cuts, but claims that he can’t say who they are for legal reasons.

While all this sounds like a great way to honor the 20th anniversary year of Hutchence’s death in November 1997, INXS manager Chris Murphy doesn’t think so. He says he’ll take legal action to stop anyone from releasing anything covered by copyrights owned by INXS and Hutchence. Creevey claims that neither apply to what he plans to put out.

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