A reel-to-reel tape featuring previously unheard recordings by The Rolling Stones, including one song that’s never appeared on any of the band’s releases, will go up for bid as part of a U.K. music memorabilia sale on April 3. The tape, which sat in a British businessman’s attic for more than 50 years, features a song called “No One Loves You More Than Me” that, according to TrackAuctions.com is only known to exist on this tape.

The tape also includes five tracks that The Rolling Stones made at their first recording session, in March 1963 at London’s IBC Studios, as well as three other rare tracks. U.K’s The Telegraph newspaper reports that the tape’s owner, 67-year-old Jeremy Nielsen, came into possession of the recording in 1967 during a visit to IBC Studios, which he would frequent because two of his friends worked there as sound engineers.

Nielsen tells The Telegraph that he noticed a box of old tapes, including one labeled as a Rolling Stones recording, that had been earmarked to be destroyed, and he asked his friends if he could have it. He explains that he then stored the tape away in a cardboard box without listening to it until about two years ago, when he was inspired to revisit the recording while reading Keith Richards’ memoir, Life.

“It amazes me that I didn’t know what it was at the time. It was only when I read a chapter in Keith Richards’ book that I became curious and decided to play it,” Nielsen says. “After I heard it I looked up the track ‘No One Loves You More Than Me’ and found it doesn’t appear anywhere, it’s like that song doesn’t exist.”

The tune is described as a jangly pop song more reminiscent of The Beatles than of the blues-influenced songs for which The Stones were better known.

The other tracks on the tape include “Diddley Daddy,” “Roadrunner,” “Bright Lights, Big City,” “I Want to Be Loved” and “Baby, What’s Wrong,” which all later appeared on the 2012 Grrr! compilation, as well as two unreleased versions of the ballad “As Tears Go By” and an alternate version of “Congratulations.”

The tape is estimated to sell for between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds — or about $5,800 to $8,600.


“In an ideal world Jeremy would like The Stones to buy them and release them,” Paul Ward, Tracks auction house’s owner, tells The Telegraph. “If the band are not interested this is a genuine opportunity for fans to acquire a one-of-a-kind tape that shows the early days of the Stones.”

Online bidding on the tape begins on Thursday, March 24, at TracksAuctions.com.



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