U2 guitarist The Edge and this year’s big Grammy-winner, Sam Smith, joined Nile Rodgers and his group on stage Sunday at Hyde Park in London for the show-closer, “Good Times.” And Elton John and Janelle Monae have been added to the lineup of the classic dance band’s new album.

Rodgers spoke about his guest stars to Britain’s Daily Star, first noting that the members of U2 “have been to see Chic 10 times in the past few years” and that they “see each other all the time” offstage. He adds that they’ve “threatened to work together a lot, but when you’re good friends like we are, you almost don’t want to risk ruining that friendship by working together.” Despite that, he feels it’s “destined to happen…one day.”

Rodgers produced Smith on a couple of cuts for Disclosure’s upcoming album, Caracal, following the singer’s throat surgery. He says Sam is “up there with the best singers” he’s ever worked with.

Rodgers also explained why Chic’s It’s About Time album, which was supposed to come out this month, has been pushed back. After playing Sir Elton’s annual Oscar party in April, he decided to ask the host to sing a song for the record. He ended up recording Elton in a duet with Janelle Monae, and he says “it’s snowballed from there.”

There’ll be more duets on it he says:. “When I announced a few months ago that Chic’s new record wouldn’t have any duets and would be out in June? Well, duh! I got all of that wrong.”

Sam Smith on stage with Chic https://instagram.com/p/4Oo-IGR2ZS/


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