Twitter is one the fore-fathers of social media. It has been the same since day one but that is all about to change.

Since day one, you have only been able to send 140 characters inclusive of everything, your @’s, your photos and your message. It can be pretty stressful when you have an on-point message ready to go and you see that -1 sign there.

However, yesterday, Twitter announced that they feel as though the world has changed and because we all add GIFs or pictures to our tweets that it is now time they changed their rules too.

And they are doing just that.

Coming very soon, when you tweet someone back, their name will no longer count towards your limit.

Nor will photos or video count toward your limit meaning that all of those 140 characters are yours to use forever.

PLUS, you know how if you @ someone and you want everyone to see it, you have to put . then @?


You don’t have to do that anymore either! Simply, everyone can see everything.

Thank you for making stalking people online easier, Twitter.

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