Train’s new covers album, ‘Train Does Led Zeppelin II’ is  out now with proceeds going to their favorite charity, San Francisco’s Family House.  Why would an established band like Train create a note-for-note rendition of a legendary album by another act? 

“Selfishly…I want people to see that I have a world-class group of guys in my band that are incredible musicians,” says Train frontman Pat Monahan. “I want them to be heard. I think they deserve it. They’re some of the best in the world.”

In addition, says Monahan, doing the Zeppelin songs is simply “a lot of fun.”

As for why they chose Led Zeppelin II instead of Zeppelin’s best-known album, Led Zeppelin IV, Monahan explains, “Led Zeppelin II is kind of when I was like, ‘OK, this is my favorite band of all time: because of this record.'”  He thinks “true” Zeppelin fans would agree with him.

As you might imagine, Train took a lot of online abuse when they announced the project; Monahan says “the amount of disdain and dislike for me and my band” surprised him.

Still, he points out, “That was from people who never even heard us do it. So then…I have to discount you…because if you’re not gonna give it a shot, and you’re just gonna dislike it for the sake of disliking it, then…I can’t convince you.”

Last night, Train performed Led Zeppelin II in its entirety at the Mountain Jam Festival in Hunter, New York.  Tonight they’ll do it at Hollywood’s Troubadour, followed by Seattle on June 8. On the 11th, they play ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and on June 14, the tour ends in Train’s spiritual home, San Francisco.


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