Tom Petty is featured in the second episode of the digital series :DRYVRS, which stars and is co-directed by actor/musician Jack Dishel. In each episode, Dishel appears as a car-service passenger who has an adventure with a different guest celebrity driver.

In the latest installment, titled “Bob’s Direction Home,” the driver is played by Rosanna Arquette, who, under the influence of LSD, mistakes Dishel for a young Bob Dylan. Arquette takes Dishel for a spaced-out ride before the setting changes to a dreamy sequence in an apartment where Jack serenades Rosanna with a very Dylan-esque tune. Suddenly, Petty appears and the two men battle over Arquette, smashing their respective guitars together.

The scene then reverts back to the car, which has arrived safely at Dishel’s destination. After he goes on his way, the credits begin to roll, but the clip isn’t quite over.

Arquette picks up an unseen man who asks her to take him to the Capitol Records building. Rosanna looks at her new passenger in the rearview mirror and excitedly asks him, “You know who you look like?” The man is then revealed to be the late George Harrison’s son, Dhani, as the sound of a strummed sitar brings the episode to a close.

DRYVRS can be seen at Dishel’s official YouTube channel.

**language warning**