This story had us on an emotional roller-coaster. 

Meet Lombard – the energetic guide dog in training!

Lombard was adopted by Hana Kim who decided she would film a second of his journey each day of his training to present at his final days of preparation and testing. 

But don’t be fooled by those puppy dog eyes and enthusiasm – training a guide dog is hard work. 

Watch the year long account, full of highs and lows, new learnings and adventures. 

Unfortunately, as his end of training neared, Hana and other trainers began to notice a few worrying signs. 


“It started a couple months ago when he started to do what we call ‘barbering’,” Hana told

“He would pull hairs out of his tail, chest, and legs. At first we thought it was boredom and he needed more physical and mental stimulus but the barbering only got worse.

“Every time he would go to a new place that was overwhelming he would go from a good working dog to an anxious itchy dog who focused more on itching himself then listening to my commands.”

So in January it was decided that Lombard would not pass his guide dog training.


But it’s not all bad for Lombard.


Hana decided she couldn’t part with the guy, so she adopted him and renamed him Gumbo. 

And that isn’t the end of his story. 

He may not have the temprament to be a guide dog, but Hana is continuing his training to teach him to become a therapy dog. 

So he will still be doing good in the community. 

It means Gumbo and Hana will visit the elderly and kids who are having problems and hopefully help them and bring a smile to their faces!

“We are currently working on some commands and tricks that’ll make his job as a therapy dog more exciting and enjoyable,” she said. 


“Once we get the opportunity we will test him for the AKC Good Canine Citizenship test and find a therapy dog organization to work with.

“We hope to bring him to see kids and elders and make their day!”

Who wouldn’t smile looking into those eyes!!!!

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