I’m one of the biggest KFC fans around. The fried chicken served in a bucket is something dreams are made of but I couldn’t imagine living off the bucket alone.

A 21-year-old from the UK has finally tried fruit for the first time after she finally saw a hypnotherapist about her fear of food after she lived off KFC for THREE years!

Georgie Scotney from Portsmouth developed Selective Eating Disorder (SED) at a young age. Sufferers of the disorder have an inability to eat certain foods. Their ”safe” foods are often limited to certain food and even brands.

When she was younger, Georgie would only eat chicken and chips but then it snowballed to the point where she could only eat a certain brand of fried chicken. Before she knew it was purely then just KFC and an occasional chocolate bar.

Georgie underwent a one hour hypnotherapy session and is now even eating fruit!

She said ”Growing up I was really stubborn with what I’d eat, it started off with fried chicken and chips but then it was only KFC.”


When asked is she grew bored of it, she said ”I was never fed up with it, I loved putting salt on it, I know it wasn’t a good thing.”

She decided to gain help as she is travelling around Asia with her boyfriend in July and realised she may not be able to get the food she wanted at every opportunity, saying ”I would have starved.”


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The therapy came with initial fears but she says that now ”everything has changed. I tried new foods and I really enjoy them!”.

Georgia is now on a normal diet and her health is continuing to flourish.

She still has the occasional KFC.


Pictures: Mercury Press

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