It’s the most dreaded part of thee big day – especially for the bridesmaids.

It’s trying to get the bride out of her dress and onto the toilet, and with the big, poofy dresses it can be quite the task.

But a former bridal store employee, Heather Stenlake, created this ingenious hack that every bride will need come her wedding day.

It’s called a Bridal Buddy.

It’s a hilarious product aimed to keep your dress dry, and give you the ability to relieve yourself by yourself.

The buddy is worn like a light weight underskirt, and when it’s time to go to the bathroom, it’s simple.


Stenlake explains: “Start by gathering your gown in front of you. Then pick up the Bridal Buddy and bag your dress from front to back. Hold the Bridal Buddy up and put your arms through the armholes. You’ll be able to recognise them quickly as your something blue. Pull the elastic cord toward you and you’re ready to take care of business.

“When you’re done using the toilet, simply undo the elastic cord and unfurl your gown. Now you’re ready to get back to the party.”

Too easy!

H/T Mamamia

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