This is the best news since all day breakfast became a thing!

McDonalds have announced that in some locations they are introducing an all you can eat fries bar… 

Yes, you heard right!

No more hoarding the takeaway bag so you can snack away on the rogue chips at the very bottom.

You can have as much golden fries goodness as you like!


But wait there’s more… 

Customizable desserts are also becoming a thing (at least a thing that can no longer annoy the person behind the counter because it is now officially on the menu)!

Who needs cold rock? 

Imagine some of the epic combos you could come up with!

At the moment the unlimited fries bar is currently only being trialled in the US. 


In fact a Mcdonalds franchise in Missouri that is housing the trial is also reportedly adding light up tables and video games. 

Come to Australia, pleeeeease!!!! 

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