When a loved one passes away, everyone grieves in their own way. 

One man created a very special way for he and his children to remember their late wife/mum – a candle. 

Using nine retired candles that he and his late wife had purchased together over the past year, he created a whole new candle, intended to remind him of her with every burn. 

The anonymous man shared his original idea on Imgur and included 22 pictures in the post too. 

The process includes melting, pouring and cooling the old candles in a new jar. 


He put parts of each of the nine old candles into a True Rose Yankee Candle jar which was his ‘wife’s ultimate favourite’. 

He finishes the post saying ‘this project was a way to help me and my kids cope with our loss. It is a part of our grieving process. And we can smell all those familiar smells again’. 


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