Henry Marr of Mt Vernon had a tiny bit of a meltdown in the car when his mom was picking him up, and the result?

It seems Henry feels very very very passionate about the planet. Infact Henry feels so passionate that he might even use the words ‘dumb’ and an ‘s’ word. 

The video that his mum Allie Hall uploaded to Facebook has had more than 15 million views showing Henry crying about people ‘wreaking’ the planet’, ‘replacing forests with places’ and making ‘animals eat garbage’. 

Henry who chose to dress as a park ranger for Halloween had only recently seen a video at his school about the effects of people on the environment, which he has taken very seriously, and he’s prepared to take a stand saying ‘I just want to be an adult now so I can do my job’. 

It really is heartbreaking to see such an environmentally aware young boy sobbing his heart out and caring about the planet so voraciously, now if only everyone else would get onboard or in Henry’s own words ‘they need to think about what they are doing, and what they are doing to the planet.’

We really wish this little guy all the best on his mission and the earth is lucky to have someone like him on it’s side.