We have all been on a flight that has been delayed and some of the excuses can get ridiculous.

Whether it be weather, a schedule delay or a missing passenger, it is never not going to be frustrating to be delayed.

However, a flight attendant has revealed, exactly why some flights are delayed and the reasons can be quite weird.

There is a list of items called the ”no go” which airlines must not allow to happen, if one of them goes wrong, they can’t legally fly.

And they are strange.

Such as, wet carpet. That’s right. 

If an airlines has wet carpeting in an exit area, they cannot set off. This is because if an aircraft was to have an emergency landing the flight attendant must check the floor area for seepage around and under the door.


Another reason is if there are missing emergency information cards or demo equipment. 

That’s right, a card could be why you are late.

Each aircraft must have an information card in the back of every single seat and if one is missing, either because it is damaged or a passenger took one as a souvenir, they have to be replaced and for some reason, they are not as readily available as you think.

There’s also the demo equipment, if something breaks suddenly, it cannot be used and the flight can’t move because if something does happen on board and instructions need to be provided, then you have to show the passengers what to do. If there’s broken equipment.. nobody will know what to do.

You know those lights that are always out on the plane?

They aren’t important.


But there are other lights which are really important and have to be cleaned and changed if they go out, which again can lead to delays.

These lights contain mercury and once they have exploded and go unclean, they can release poisonous material into the atmosphere, which could lead to illness. 

Airlines take this really seriously, so a single light can lead to extra long delays.

There is one last thing that causes problem.. people who smoke on a previous flight.

Although nobody is allowed to smoke in the sky, people still try and the clean up following somebody going rogue can take hours. 

To have to clean the whole toilet area, get rid of the smell and ensure that there are no fumes in the air is a long process, so next time you have the urge to have a crafty cigarette in the sky.. don’t.. you could be about to delay 300 people.


There are other things that can cause delays such as rodents being on board and even condensation but the most common ones are the most ridiculous.

So, now you know never to board a plan if the floor is wet!

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