Hotel rooms always look like the cleanest things in the world.

The beds are freshly made, the towels are the fluffiest things around and when you are in the bathroom, you get the cutest little slippers ever.

But, one photo has brought all of that into disrepute and this is it.

If you can’t quite make it out it says ”If you’re reading this, then the housekeeping did not change your sheets”.

That. Is. Revolting.

If you think that is the only bad thing in a hotel room, then you are wrong.


Research carried out by America’s ABC shows that the water glasses are the dirtiest thing in a hotel room.

ABC News said that they had investigated 15 hotel rooms across America and discovered that 11 failed to remove the dirty glasses from rooms, eve though they had been used by previous guests.

Apprently the maids would just rinse them out and put them back in the cupboard instead of fully cleaning and replacing them.

In one hotel they even found one cleaner using mould remover instead of disinfectant.

I think I will drink that overpriced water next time, thanks.