It’s a fact that petrol prices are dropping.

They have not been this cheap in a long time and according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the actual length of time is 17 years.

The average price of petrol in the three months to March was 111 cents per litre. That’s 13.4 cents cheaper than the previous three months and 22.2 cent cheaper than the September quarter of 2015.

As a result of cheap petrol, we have seen apps launch to help motorist find the cheapest fuel in their area. Including from 7-Eleven who now allow motorist to lock in the price of their fuel at their nearby garage before it rises.

Another app, called GasBuddy, allows users to share the price they paid for petrol so others can see the price and jump on the cheapest option.

With a long weekend coming up, it can mean petrol prices start to increase as demand spikes.

The advice from NRMA? Fill up NOW!


They are expecting fuel prices to drop by about a cent per litre before Friday but then spike again over the long weekend and we could see SIX MONTH highs!

Right now in Sydney the cheapest litre is 1.094 cents but it is expected to jump to 1.30 or 1.31 per litre by the end of Friday.

So quickly, get to the pump, fill up and don’t worry about it this weekend!

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