Researchers at US Children’s Hospital have found that between 2013-2014, 62,254 children under six had swallowed various laundry and dishwashing detergents, with most being exposed under the age of three.

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio found that laundry detergent capsules were found to be responsible for the most toxic reactions, with two children in the report dying after ingesting them.

Over here in Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a warning to parents who have the capsules in their home. 

The warning says ”A laundry liquid capsule can burst in a child’s hand with only a small amount of pressure. it can also rapidly dissolve with moisture and may burst in a child’s mouth in as little as 10 seconds, causing severe injuries.”

The ACCC says they have had 85 calls to poisons information over the last 18 months, which is substantially lower than the US.

Many manufacturers have admitted the problem and are working quickly to make changes. Packaging is likely to change first, before the structure of tablets will have minor changes, this started in the UK after it was described as ”significant health risk.”