Star of 24 and Lost Boys, Keifer Sutherland is making a surprising career move. He has formed a Country Music band and rumour has it, they sound exceptionally good.

Sutherland has addressed his boozy past and turning 50 in the lyrics for his debut album.

The actor didn’t realise he had been so candid until he started recording the tracks for the country record, Down in a Hole, and he has since come to the realisation he wrote the tunes as if he was entering his deepest thoughts into a journal.

“There are a few songs I’ve written on the record and I was surprised how many I had written about drinking,” he tells WENN. “But when you listen to the songs it’s not a positive endorsement of the endeavour or activity.

“This album is the closest thing I’ve had to a journal. There’s positive aspects to what I’ve written about and there’s also some things that I’ve learned about that I wished I’d known then what I know now. The album reflects that.”

The star has often hit headlines for his drunken antics, once leaping on a Christmas tree at a hotel in London, but he has always insisted he’s a fun drunk and doesn’t have a problem.


Sutherland never set out to make an album, he justed started writing tracks he thought other country artists might like to record.

“I had about 20 to 30 songs that I liked and I wanted to start sending them to either (record labels) BMG or Sony Music and see if I could get another artist who’d be interested in doing one of the songs,” he said.

“So I went to my oldest friend, Jude Cole, who I met when I was 20… and asked him to record some of the songs and then send them out, so they were more like demos.

“When we finished the two songs he said I should do them myself and I laughed at him … He was clever and took me out for a couple of drinks and by the end of the evening it sounded like a better idea. So I did four songs and I liked the way they sounded and how they would potentially flow together in an album.”


Source: AAP/, Images: Getty

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