Just a few days after Prince was discovered dead in an elevator in his home, he was cremated in a private ceremony surrounded only by those closest to him.

On Saturday his publicist confirmed that a private memorial had taken place which gave his family, friends and his musicians a chance to say a loving goodbye to the Purple Rain singer.

With so many beautiful and dramatic photos of the music legend doing the rounds at the moment, it’s particularity hard to see this picture, taken of his family, as they left the crematorium. 

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson and her son President LenNard Laeil Nelson left the grounds where the service had taken place and it’s believed Prince’s nephew was carrying his remains, in an urn hidden by a jacket.


A rep told PEOPLE that their final storage will remain private.

The cause of death is still unknown and it will be four weeks until the autopsy results are known.

During that time a musical celebration of Prince’s life is being organised.

Source: PEOPLE