“I guess the look I am best known for, is Blue Steel.”

First there was Ellen who packed a who’s who list of celebs in a selfie during Awards season but this may just top it. 

Ben Stiller took to Instagram today during Zoolander 2 filming to snap the most incredible selfie we have ever seen. 

Titled #CrewSteel… the photo is of the entire working crew on the movie packed in for one epic selfie… all imitating Ben Stiller’s statement lip purse and pose. 

DAIYE #66 CREW PHOTO  #ZOOLANDER2 #ROMA #CREWSTEEL 2 more days… Going to miss this place!

A photo posted by Ben Stiller (@benstiller) on

The photo is the latest in a range of promotional work for the upcoming film, which has two days left of filming. 


Stiller alongside co-star Owen Wilson also took to the catwalks earlier in the year to promote the second installment of the film. 

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