A new Victorian road safety ad really tugs on the heartstrings.

Last year, 249 people lost their lives on Victoria’s roads.

The new campaign called “Towards Zero – There’s no one someone won’t miss” was created by their state government’s Traffic Accident Commission.

The ad starts with a man named Francisco, told the 2014 toll of 249 and asked what an acceptable figure would be.

He pauses, before answering that 70 would be a better target.

He’s then met by 70 people representing that number, including his family members.


They ask him again, and he answers, “Zero”.

The campaign website explains that everyone needs to take responsibility for the road toll.

“Reducing road trauma is a shared responsibility and everyone has an important role to play.

“Deaths and serious injuries should not be viewed as inevitable.

“Together, with a safer road system, we can reach zero deaths and serious injuries on Victorian roads.

“While road safety is changing for the better, there are still many things we can do as a community to assist in keeping everyone safe.


“This includes our behaviour on the road. Abiding by the rules in place, sticking to limits, buying safe vehicles and setting a good example for others by promoting the Towards Zero message are all things that ensure everyone has a safe journey.”

H/T Mamamia

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