A maternity photo shoot is nothing out of the ordinary. 

A way to celebrate and embrace a woman’s changing body as she nears the end of pregnancy. 

But we have never before seen a series of photos taken of a pregnant pooch. 

I mean, should we be surprised? Pets are often referred to as ‘furbabies’ and in our photo loving culture it was only a matter of time.

In fact this pet owner went as far as to seek out a professional photographer to capture this moment in the dog’s life before she gives birth to her pups. 

Lilica is the pregnant pincher mix who had the luxury of being photographed and fussed over for a day. 

Lilica’s owner, Ana Karolina, sought out professional photographer (and conveniently a family friend) Grillo’s and the idea arose for the photo shoot. 


It took just 20 minutes, with minimal photo editing done to the photos. 

The results are so cute. 

Apparently that pregnancy glow may extend to dogs too!

Photos: Ana Fotografia 

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