First of all this dude’s name is DogVinci.

If this story stopped right here it would still be the greatest story of all time, but it does NOT stop here, sit back and be prepared to fall in love with an artist of the canine kind.

Dagger (that’s his real name but puleaze – everyone knows a good artist has at least two names) is better at art than you or I will ever be.

How do we know this? Well he wears a red beret which makes it all pretty official straight off the bat but he also can really paint.

No REALLY! Dagger can create beautiful pieces using just a brush in his mouth and by responding to comments from his owner Yvonne Dagger.

Speaking to Mashable Yvonne says Daggers works are very “abstract” with some even having hidden meaning in them!

Can’t cope.


Dagger was initially supposed to be a service dog for people with disabilities but after his training was cut short he retuned home to live out the rest of his life as the rockstar artist he is today.

Dagger Sent his very first Commissioned work of art out!!  It is traveling across the USA!!!!!  Many thanks to Brittany …

Posted by Dagger II aka DogVinci on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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