If you have ever trawled through a beauty thread or spent more than a few minutes in a department store makeup section, you will have heard of Benefit and their ‘Benetint’ product. 

For all these years we’ve innocently assumed that the product was made as a long lasting cheek and lip tint… Oh how we were wrong. 

Achieving the perfect sexpot flush is only a secondary purpose for this makeup gem. 

The Benetint was made specially in the 1970s for an exotic dancer who wanted a long-wearing tint for her nipples that wouldn’t sweat off… or easily rub off…



According to Marie Claire, the original owners boiled together rose petals and carmine to create the red tint. 

Personally, we can only confirm that it works great as a lipstick alternative or a sheer blush.

But it’s good to know that the multipurpose product has more uses than we once thought…