Well this is awkward.

He may have been a 90’s music legend as one of the Oasis brothers, but that didn’t mean a thing when Liam Gallagher hit the red carpet at Cannes.

There for his new Oasis documentary, Supersonic, the rocker was mistaken for someone else – and not in a good way!

Fans were quick to get excited that Sacha Baron Cohen was on the red carpet dressed as his alter ego, Carl ‘Nobby’ Butcher, from the movie Grimsby.

Unfortunately it was Liam. Dressed as himself.

Like we said, awkward.


According to the Daily Star even the press didn’t recognise him.

“They just saw the hair and assumed it was Sacha dressed as Nobby doing another publicity stunt,” a source told the paper.

We’re guessing the reaction didn’t sit well with Gallagher who previously threatened to “stab” the actor “in the eye”.

But considering Nobby was based on Liam – really, it’s an easy mistake to make!


Photo: Getty

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