The Dark Lord has risen – and he’s living in Paignton Zoo in the UK.

A baby monkey has entered the world looking terrifyingly like Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort, from her flattened nose right down to her spindly toes.

Staff at the Devon zoo had to deliver the tiny king colobus monkey via C-section after her mum Ivy started struggling during labour.

And while the bub has since grown into her looks – and grown some more hair – the striking resemblance to Ralph Fiennes’ character is pretty plain to see.

“Ivy had reached her due date but been off her food and inactive for two days,” vet Jo Reynard told the Mirror. “Later that evening we became concerned as her health was deteriorating and with no signs of normal labour progressing, we decided to do a C-section to save Ivy’s life and that of the baby.”

It’s the first time the procedure has been carried out on a primate by the zoo’s staff, and the baby is, happily, doing well; until she can suckle on a bottle, she is being fed powdered milk and is living in a mobile incubator.



If she starts talking to the snakes, though, we’re out of here.