I think Garfield said it best when he said, ‘I don’t do mornings.’ WHO DOES!

One London product designer, Josh Renouf, is about to change the way you feel about rising early.

Introducing The Barisieur – the alarm clock that automatically brews you a hot coffee or tea in the morning, giving you the perfect excuse to stay in bed a little longer.

All you have to do is remember to set the clock up the night before, with water, coffee, milk and sugar. Then rise to the sound of boiling water and the sweet smell of your favorite brew the next morning.

Currently, you can only purchase the Barisieur by donating to the clock’s Kickstarter project, at a cost of £265 pre-order (about $528 AUD).


Unfortunately for some, the clock does not have a snooze button, but you won’t need when you’ve got a fresh hit of caffeine waiting by your side.

Source: mashable.com, Images: barisieur.com

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