Well that’s one way to make deciding what to put on in the morning a whole lot easier.

Sara Beygi – who is known as Madame Kush on Insta – has hair so long that she regularly wears it as a top.


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Her lovely locks are more than a metre long, and she has written that “wearing my hair as a shirt has become my #uniform”.

Same, Sara. Same.

The Californian 19-year-old told Vogue that she sometimes needs a helping hand when it comes to her now-infamous ‘do.

“It’s so long that you need another person working in the back because my hand won’t reach that low,” she said. “When I take them out, I have crazy curls for two days.”


Wearing my hair as a shirt has become my #uniform

A photo posted by Madame Kush (@madamekush) on

But the really impressive part? It takes her 30 minutes just to WASH her hair.

“It takes a solid five hours [to dry] if I’m out and about,” she continued, “but if I sleep when it is wet, it takes eight hours.”

Apparently, Sara hasn’t had a haircut in five years after a fight with her hairdresser, and now she’s determined to see exactly how long she can keep growing it for.

She might be able to wear it as a dress soon, so.