Two Russian women have just found out, after 34 years that they’ve been raised by the wrong parents!

The incredibly unfortunate mishap occurred when two women with the same last name gave birth in the same hospital on January 21, 1983.

After Alisa Tsyrenova and Lyubov Tsyrenova gave birth to their daughters the medics got the children mixed up after a confusion about the same surname.

Living over 400km apart in the Republic of Buryatia, daughters Yulia Tsyrenova-Bazarova and Dugarma Tsyrenova had been exposed to conspiracies that the mix-up occurred in 2003 but it wasn’t confirmed until 2016.

The discovery came after one of the mothers, Alisa became seriously ill, she decided to find out the truth about her daughter, with the help of DNA analysis.

The mother and daughter took the test that revealed that they were not related

But the four have now had an incredible outlook on the life-changing blunder and recently decided to meet to celebrate Yulia’s and Dugarma’s 34th birthdays.


The mothers have decided to now share the daughters which has painted a remarkably optimistic picture for their futures.

“We need to see the best sides in this.” Dugarma said.

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