Some Uber drivers give you the best ride of your life with Mentos and a tiny tiny water but someone has taken it to the next level.

Passengers who requested an Uber and expecting a run-of-the-mill driver with a Prius to get them from A to B were given the ultimate ride.

They got Batman and the BatMobile.

That’s right, a man dressed as Batman in a Lamborghini.

How amazing is that?!

One customer could not believe it saying ”Is this for real?! I was expecting a normal car!”

The next customer spend the entire ride taking selfies, while another guy could not believe he was sat next to his favourite superhero.


He asks ”Are there any guns installed” before Batman says ”Right here” and flexes his bicep.

At one stage Batman floors it and speeds up super quick before he looks at the passenger and asks the passenger ”Did you just pee yourself?”

Batman Lamborghini Uber Prank!! FREE RIDE CODE: UBERJPLFREE Please SHARE & TAG your friends if you like Batman(or Superman :P) LIKE my page ➡️ Josh Paler Lin to see more funny videos 😉

Posted by Josh Paler Lin on Monday, 28 March 2016

The stunt was pulled by YouTuber Jos Paler Lin who is offering free Uber rides with the code UBERJPLFREE. 

The bad news is, he is in the states, so you will need to get a flight for 14 hours to get in the BatMobile.

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