Two British parents were discussing their unorthodox on live morning television when their one-year-old daughter wandered off and urinated on the show’s set.

Adele, 32, and Matt Allen, 33, claim they use ‘’off-grid’’ parenting on their five-year-old boy Ulysses and one-year-old girl Ostara.

The couple, who are from Brighton, said they want their children to heal ‘’naturally’’ and stated that they have never visited a doctor, and they will not attend mainstream school.

Their style of parenting came under fire when speaking on the television show after viewers witnessed Ostara peeing on the floor.

The moment happened the Ms Allen was telling hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that there is not to need to take supplements while breastfeeding. At this point, the camera panned to Ostara perched on top of the studio rug.

A small puddle of ruined formed around the toddler’s feet and her parents didn’t even notice.


Their son Ulysses pointed out the act to his dad who shrugged it off and invited her back onto the sofa.

Ms Allen said that her son would decide then to stop breastfeeding and even has the choice of what age he would like to start school.

“We prefer to go the more free-range, natural route,” she said.

“There is no need for him to be able to read and write at this age anyway.”


The unorthodox couple also went on to say their children will undertake ‘’unschooling’’ which is education away from the curriculum and will never wear shoes as ‘’It makes the feet stronger. It’s the shoes that make them softer,’’

Viewers expressed their outrage over the couple saying ‘’Just had to watch #thismorning interview again with #offgridparenting again and I’m still gobsmacked!’’

Another said ‘’I think when your kid pisses live on TV and then jumps on the couch you probably have to rethink your parenting strategies.”`

What do you think of their parenting style?

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