Let’s face it, the internet is an amazing place.

From learning about diplomatic relations to watching videos of cats stacking it, it is a treasure trove of information and entertainment.

But there is one corner that is a little less productive (yes, cat videos are productive)… the dreaded comment sections. In particular those forums that allow people to share their worldly reviews.

Restaurant reviews have to be up there among the best of them and now there’s a Facebook page dedicated to sharing the pearls of wisdom found online.

Even better, this one is filled with once loyal Aussie customers!

If you ever needed proof people will complain about anything and everything, this is it…

The time those meat patties were truly evil


When you’re too full from the customer service to have dessert

Don’t you hate it when your food gets cold?

Seriously, it’s just milk…


More effort on the seed distribution okay, thanks.

Do not forget the marshmallow next time

Please don’t joke about the bacon. Seriously.


h/t Mashable

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