‘Rare’ emergency stamps released by Adelaide’s General Post Office are selling on eBay for $1000 and people are cashing in! 

Originally purchased for 30 cents, they have been used with 70 cent stamps to make up the required $1 postage fee. 

Fairfax media reports that when a particular set of 30 cent stamps ran out, Australia Post had to use an old printing machine to create some emergency 30 cent stamps to use until stock was replenished. 

Only a limited number were printed and distributed to a small number of post offices. 

Anyone lucky enough to come across them should hold onto them and sell them! 

One set of the six stamps posted to eBay last week, was sold for $1,051. 

One South Australian is selling a letter he received in the mail which has both the rare stamp and a 70 cent stamp. So far, he has 52 bids and the price has already reached $400 with two days still to go.