Matt Damon, Kristen Bell and Pamela Anderson are among the stars who have spoken up against a dog eating festival in China.

The ten day festival started this week in Yulin, China, and according to the Humane Society International, thousands of dogs and cats will be slaughtered and eaten.

In the PSA for the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs are close to tears as they detail what the festival entails.

Marc Ching, founder of the foundation said whether or not you believe dog meat should be on the menu, the torture and violence shouldn’t be condoned.

“The dog meat industry, this trade’s built on this belief that if you torture or abuse the animal, it makes the meat taste better, that it gives health benefits to whoever eats it,” he said.

Dubbed ‘The Compassion Project’, the video asks people to share their message to stop the slaughter.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic content…


h/t: NY Daily News

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