In theory, a four day work week should fly by. 

It’s a whole 20 percent shorter than usual! 

However if you work full time, you’ll no doubt have heard around the office this week (or even said yourself!) things like: 

“It doesn’t feel like a short week” 

“I can’t believe it’s only Thursday” 

“That public holiday seems like so long ago now” 

“I woke up thinking today was Friday”


According to the journal of Consciousness and Cognition, these feelings of dismay come down to a glacial work week. 

While time always goes at the same speed, it can feel slower when its passing is brought to our attention. 

For example, occasions when time feels fast include a fun night out, a gym session or even a (good) dinner date. In these instances, it’d be strange for us to notice how fast time went. 

In addition, short weeks are also more vulnerable to seeming like they’re dragging because time can feel slower when the wait is unexpected. In other words, we all though this week would fly, so when it isn’t, our awareness of it’s speed is heightened!

However there is good news. US research from The Wharton School suggests we shouldn’t be so focused on time after a long weekend because public holidays are an opportunity for self-improvement. 

The research found that long weekends are key turning points in the year making us feel “disconnected from our past selves” and give us a “big-picture view of life”. 


This is similar to the process that goes on at the start of a new week, month or after a birthday. 

Here are some tips on how to make the weekend come around sooner: 

1. Learn new things 

Scheduling some structure training on a topic you can get into can feed the fresh start feelings. 

2. Change it up 

Change your routine, move desks or change up your surroundings. 


3. Plan around tasks, not around time 

By structuring your busy work week around the tasks to accomplish and not around the hours you have, you’ll be less aware of the time. 

4. Save admin for friday 

Admin tasks can mess with your momentum for the week. Focus on tasks you enjoy or which challenge you (but aren’t too labourious). Start with the exciting tasks, not the easy ones. 


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