It’s the most amazing looking wedding dress, we may have ever seen.

With it’s lacy straps, intricate bodice detailing and amazing thrills, it is the perfect wedding dress for any any bride.

Look at that detailing, anyone would die for that;

The back is pretty amazing too, it would look stunning on any bride;

There is just one problem.


It’s made completely out of CAKE.

The design is so convincing that you can’t tell from photos at all!

This is the first ‘weddible’ dress, a tasty little number fashioned by award-winning cake sculptor, Sylvia Elba.

It weighs an amazing 70KG and stands at 170cm centre meaning it is completely life size but it didn’t come without any hard work, it took Elba and two others over 100 hours to complete the work because of all the baking and detail that needed to go into it.

While it may look amazing.. I just want to eat it now.. imagine cutting into that on your wedding day.


H/T : The Mirror

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