It’s a clothes shopping nightmare.

British online retailer ASOS is down and it’s not looking like it’s going to come back any time soon.

The online fashion stores website and mobile app have been closed since Friday morning.

“Erm, ‘scuse us, we need a little time out,” an error message on the website reads.

“The site isn’t currently available but we’re doing everything we can to get it back up soon!” is what the home page read.


It’s lead the internet to go into meltdown as people can’t figure out what to do without it’s cheap fashion.

ASOS has said that it is due to a technical fault, telling Fairfax media ”Yes, the site is down. This is because of a power outage at a third party data centre that hosts our servers.”

“This has impacted other businesses hosted by the centre. Our tech team are working hard to restore services which involves replacing damaged hardware. That’s why it’s taking longer to get back online. We are keeping our customers informed on social media.”


There is no time-frame from the business as to when the store will return.


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