The Grammy Awards red carpet can be a place to dazzle the crowds, but sometimes it’s just a place for the eccentric.

Here’s just a selection of the 2016 Grammy Awards red carpet shockers.

Z LaLa

American singer and songwriter Z LaLa certainly went for the shock factor. LaLa is known for her outrageous outfits, so it was no surprise that she turned heads wearing a silver bra barely covered up by twisting spiderweb strands of leather. On her bottom half the leather covered her private parts at the front while a floor-length rippled skirt swept over her behind. LaLa’s odd look was topped off with a birds nest hat and long black nails.


Swedish rock band Ghosts turned up wearing head to toe black outfits with silver devil masks. The masks made it difficult to speak since they lacked a hole over the mouth. Despite temperatures hitting 31C on the red carpet the band said they weren’t worried about their black and white make-up slipping off.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we used more make up than anybody else here.”



Looking more like a circus performer than a Grammy attendee, American singer Manika walked the red carpet wearing a silver fringed g-string and a matching crop top covered with a see-through fabric draped over her shoulders. From the back the ensemble left very little to the imagination as Manika’s buttocks basked in the sunshine. The odd outfit was topped off with silver ankle boots.

Joy Villa

International touring singer Joy Villa forgot to wear a bra and instead covered her torso with a metal ensemble that looked like a rib cage. The whacky outfit which included a lace train certainly got attention. Paired with coloured cornrows and black elbow-length, handless gloves the barely-there dress was proving to be a little difficult for Villa to move in.

“It’s dark, it’s edgy, I dress the way I make my music,” Villa, who made last year’s worst dressed list, said on the red carpet.


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