The Who kicked off its 2016 North American tour on Saturday in Detroit, but the day before the trek got underway, Pete Townshend reportedly visited a nearby recording studio to work on an upcoming musical project. 

According to a Facebook post by Ryan McGuire, owner of The 45 Factory studio in the Detroit suburb of Waterford, Michigan, Townshend visited the facility “to record some acoustic tracks for an upcoming project.”

McGuire reported that the Who guitarist/songwriter was accompanied at the session by the band’s longtime soundman, Bob Pridden.

“Pete’s a true icon and recording him was an experience I’ll never forget,” writes McGuire, who also shared a note Townshend sent him praising the studio after the session.

“I had a great direct-to-tape session at the 45 Factory,” the 70-year-old rock legend wrote, according to McGuire. “Wonderful sound, the way it always used to be for me, and very close to the sound I get in my own ‘Vintage’ style studio. But at the 45 Factory most things are new, or fully restored to new condition and everything works beautifully.”

Pete added in the note that he “had a fantastic time recording a new song direct to an old Ampex…stereo tape machine. Some great music is going to come out of the 45 Factory.”

McGuire also posted a few photos on his Facebook page of Townshend working at the studio.


In May of 2015, Townshend took part in another session at a studio featuring vintage gear, Nashville’s Welcome to 1979 Recording Studio, while the band was in that city to play a concert.

The Who’s next show happens in Toronto tonight.