Taika Waititi has created yet another masterpiece and this one is being dubbed ‘Movie of the Year’. 

Like his 2011 film Boy Waititi has a knack for casting irresistibly charming young lads as his leads and making movies about misfits and outcast, allowing audiences to identify themselves with them. 

Ricky Baker is a ‘bad egg’ orphan whose ambition in life is to be a rapper and drug dealer. 

Ricky is unwanted and placed with the last foster family who will take him. 

However his new home is in the gorgeous New Zealand bush meaning Ricky is completely out of his ‘city life’ element. 

He finds himself very much at home with this new foster family; loving Aunt Bella, Uncle Hec and Tupac, the dog. 

When tragedy strikes, threatening to ship Ricky to another home, he and Hec go on the run in the bush. 


A national manhunt commences and meanwhile, Ricky and Hector, for all their differences, make perfectly matched adventure buddies. 

The film carries forth the tradition of glorifying the outlaw and is getting rave reviews. 

Check out the trailer below!  

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