Ever wondered why Aldi stores are set out nearly identical to one another, in the same topsy-turvy layout?

It’s not to be difficult, it’s for a very good reason.

Although it might seem very chaotic, with the condiments above the frozen food, and the specials in the centre of the store – there is a method to the madness.

Instead of placing the fresh fruit at the start, like Woolworths and Coles, Aldi stocks canned food, baby formula, cereal and biscuits and leaves the fresh food until the last aisle.

“We stock canned goods in the first aisle of the store to ensure bread, fruit and veggies don’t get squashed while in the trolley,” an Aldi Australia spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

“We have these products located in the last aisle so they can be placed on top.”


Frozen goods and refrigerated items like milk, cheese and meat are also located in the last aisle, to make it more convenient to pack and later unpack those products together.

“Our chilled goods are positioned at the end of the customer’s shop, so they have less time out of the refrigerator or freezer before they get home,” according to Aldi.

They also place their Aldi Specials – everything from electronic goods, to ski gear to baby clothes – in the centre of the store, to improve traffic flow within the stores.

While most supermarkets have a separate section for condiments, Aldi stock these above the Freezer section – but there isn’t any specific marketing ploy with this one, rather a space-saving move in their warehouse-style layout.

Aldi also uses minimal shelving and uses pallets to stock their products.


Retail expert Geoff Cutler told Daily Mail the method of shipping pallets straight from the warehouse is ‘incredibly efficient’ and allows Aldi to reduce it overheads and keep costs to a minimum.

“Aldi just seem to run things with as little bureaucracy as possible,” he said.

“They don’t follow any of the so-called rules that other supermarket do, but it works. They focus on the price and quality.”

Well, the more you know!

Source: Daily Mail

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