Fans have been watching the chemistry between Bek and Kyle reached a boiling point on My Kitchen Rules.

But it looks like Bek may be set for heartbreak, with Woman’s Day magazine claiming that the hunk bartender has a ‘secret girlfriend.’

According to the magazine, Kyle is seeing a food blogger from Melbourne called Alice and it has been on and off during the filming of the show.

‘Despite telling Bek everything was over between him and Alice, he was texting her all along, and as soon as the show was over he and Alice made it official, telling friends they were together,’ the insider claimed. 

Despite the claims, Kyle has not revealed any details, in fact, he has said the opposite, telling TV Week ‘I’ve been single for three years. I prefer the single life

Meanwhile, viewers are getting ready for the first ever kiss in My Kitchen Rules history, with Channel Seven showing it getting even more heated on Tuesday.

We can’t wait to see what happens, on Seven, this week at 7:30 PM.

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