If you’ve stayed in a hotel before, it’s very likely that you’ve been overwhelmed by the freezing or boiling room temperature. 

More often than not, you’ll find the temperature control box and feel frustrated that it’s ‘locked’ on a certain temperature, or only adjusts a few degrees either way. 

This is because many hotels have installed air conditioning units set to a certain energy efficient temperature that guests are unable to tamper with. 

However, it turns out that depending on which type of thermostat is installed, there ARE ways to sneakily change the temperature! 

  1. Press the ‘display’ key and hold throughout the next two steps 
  2. Press the on/off button and release 
  3. Next tap the up arrow button 
  4. Release all buttons

The letters VIP should then appear on the display and voila, you’ve got the power to go up or down a few more degrees! 

This will also shut off the thermostat’s motion sensors which can switch off the air conditioning while you’re asleep and leave you with a very stuffy room upon waking. 


Here are some videos to guide you: 

The Daily Telegraph

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