It was just another day at work for Danielle Duperreault.

That was until the 18-year-old came into contact with bell peppers during her break.

The Canadian teen started to get an itchy neck and her tongue felt like it was on fire when she realised what she’d accidentally eaten.

What Duperreault was experiencing was an anaphylactic reaction.

And while she would normally carry an EpiPen with her, this time it wasn’t there.

Calling for help at her Urban Planet store, Duperreault was shocked when her manager gave her plenty of attitude before basically ignoring the teen.

After going to her car to search for an EpiPen, Duperreault says she started to get faint and began vomiting.


So I go back into the store, gurgling and clutching my throat while customers and a few staff around me were freaking out and that same manager stood calmly at the computer typing away,” she said.

“I proceed to the back room where a male staff member basically had to carry me up the stairs and get my stuff for me, because was so lightheaded I could barley [sic] stand up, and I couldn’t feel my extremities.

“I go to clock out when I hear a colleague of mine yell ‘should I call an ambulance’ the manager ignores her. I clock out and she calmly says ‘text me when you get to the hospital’.”

It’s here, Duperreault revealed on Facebook, that things get even more unbelievable.

After one of her workmates took her to a nearby medical clinic for epinephrine, she was rushed to hospital – her throat almost completely closed and she nearly passed out from a lack of oxygen.

“The doctors said if I would have waited another ten minutes I would be dead,” she said.


However, there wasn’t much sympathy from her manager, who instead fired her via text.

She also fired the co-worker who drove her.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Duperreault has shared her unbelievable tale.

Understandably, it quickly went viral.

Urban Planet has since apologised, condemning the actions of the manager.


“Simply put, the actions were unacceptable,” the company wrote on Twitter.


Talking to CBC, Duperreault says the company’s CEO personally contacted her to apologise and will cover her financially till she finds a new job.

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